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7/15/2012 11:48:15 am

I saw on your site you had a 1973, red TAZ collector glass with the mis printed (incomplete name) on both sides of the glass for $200, I bought one today at an antiques store for $15, are they really worth that much? I didnt look at the lettering until after I saw your comment on your page. They had 2 at the store, but I only bought one (dont remember if the other was a mis-print as well) ... kick myself now if its ACTUALLY worth that much. They also had a "Simon Barsinister" glass same style and thickness but no date was printed on the glass. Do you know anything about the Simon glass? Please reply to provided e-mail thanks.

6/6/2017 01:54:24 am

That's good! It will be better for your website to add them here. Good luck!


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